Palapa Mac Radio Live Broadcasting Tent

Palapa (puh-lah-puh)... what the heck is it? Well, some would call it a tiki hut... I called it my refuge... retreat... it was my way of life. So, which brings me to how I acquired this piece of paradise... Well, as Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream, you can do it.” I had a dream to have a fantastic pool, hot tub, and this cool thing that my next-door neighbor had... a palapa. From there, everything began to evolve, and as they say, “out of necessity some great things are born”.

Of course, with a great backyard setup, you have to have great music and if you really know me you know I like music that enhances the environment. My kids will tell you by experience that 9 out of 10 times when they walk in the house they can guess what’s for dinner, not by smell but by the music being played. It was the same thing for me and Mac’s Palapa Bar- I was looking for a certain sound that would fit the environment I was trying to create... tropical, relaxed, fun, and a welcome inviting vibe... but the sound I was looking for was very diverse and hard to find. The sound had to be a mix of Trop-Rock (think Jimmy Buffett), Kenny Chesney’s island-type music, with a sprinkle of Reggae and topped with classic rock. In 2009, I found a handful of internet radio stations that I played but unexpectedly couldn’t find the “right sound”. After several years of trying different things like creating playlists on several CDs, yes CDs... those round disks that you put in a stand-alone player... and continually searching online for this unique mix on an internet radio station... left me somewhat unfulfilled. Somewhere around 2011, I landed on a website that had a large array of independent internet radio stations (Live365) that had several tropical stations but were still not the Holy Grail I was searching for. In fact, at this point out of frustration, I set out on a pilgrimage of research to find out how I could be one of those “independent internet radio stations”. From out of desperation... Palapa Mac Radio was born.

The radio station ran purely as a past-time, immensely fun hobby for about 5 years. The station had a great run and had a pretty decent following which pushed us into the top 1,000 out of 5,000+

radio stations on Live365. It was a blast! One of the things that really stood out was the ability to have full control over the song programming, giving the ability to add unknown or independent

music artists not normally played on the “Pro” stations. Through the wonderful ability of social media, I met some phenomenal people

and took the freedom to spin their tunes like Trop-Rock artist- Captn Jac (of course Bahama Mama), Greg Dillard, Steve Scott Country, and Adam Kiraly who in turn did some radio tag lines which brought some personality and life to the station.

Well, it was a dark day on January 31, 2016. Live365 turned off the 5,000+ radio stations, including Palapa Mac Radio, because of a turn of events from Congress allowing the expiration of the Webcaster Settlement Act of 2009 which then increased the royalties for all internet-based stations and bankrupted the company. So, at midnight Palapa Mac Radio played its last song. The hardest part was the station didn’t even have the proper farewell to its artists that it served or the dedicated listeners. No one knew it was going to happen... the radio station broadcasters, the artist, or listeners... we all just woke up and it was gone. Really not knowing what to do with a limited amount of options and a limited amount of resources the station stayed off the air.

Some would say this could be the end of the story... but it’s not... it’s actually a beginning of a new chapter... one that isn’t being written by one person but a group of people who believe in the validity, the relevance, and the possibilities that Palapa Mac Radio is bringing back to its past listeners and to those who haven’t even discovered this unique radio station. This passion has brought to life a mission to the listener... to bring a fun and pleasurable experience to our listeners through a combination of Tropical Rock (Trop Rock) and Coastal Country Music. We do this by creating music that nurtures a lifestyle, creates community, and provides a vacation atmosphere any time of the year.  In fact, if I were to try and paint what we do to the average-mainstream individual who isn't familiar with what we do, it would be... "We are an internet radio station that plays a mix of Trop Rock and Coastal Country Music- think Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney, sprinkled with Bob Marley meets the Eagles at a beach party!"

From here... who knows where Palapa Mac Radio will end up. One thing to be guaranteed... wherever the destination... we want you, as our friend and dedicated listener, to enjoy the journey with us.

~ Jeremy "Palapa Mac" McMillan ~