Why Help?

First and foremost I thank you for being a valued listener. You have made PMR the awesome station that it is.  I believe in transparency and want to update you on the progress as well as the current situation of the radio station.  The station was launched in 2019 and has had nearly 100% growth year over year which isn't sustainable for us and we have rapidly outpaced ourselves with outgoing monthly royalties vs. incoming sponsor/advertising revenue. In a nutshell, we now have more listeners (which we have to pay royalties to 4 different companies for each listener and each song listened to every month) than advertisers and sponsor revenue.  With that said, the station has been on this course for several months and in about a month or so we could be ceasing operations. I am in the process of doing what I can to keep the station on air which includes searching for a commissioned salesperson, preferably from the radio industry, to come in and assist with the role of selling ads and sponsorships for the station.  In the meantime, we are asking our loyal listeners to step in and help bridge the gap.  The station is run on a very tight budget and I have always reinvested back into the business for continued growth since day one.  I believe with the help of each listener, the mission can continue to serve the entire world with great Trop Rock and Coastal Country Music from all of your favorite artists!

Thank You for your continued support?