How About Some Rum... Uh, I Mean Coffee In That Cup?

When it’s a right fit, well you just know... it’s a right fit. That’s how we feel about our newest alliance. Not only does the coffee taste outstanding... it has “Beach” in the name. To us that’s a win-win. So with that said we welcome you to our newest Sponsor, Beach Buddah Coffee. From the moment you open the bag for the first time and smell the aroma, you can tell this is a custom, quality roast. It doesn’t stop there, the perfectly ground beans brew up to a standard that few coffees on the market will be able to live up to.

So, here is the golden ticket for all the Coconut Crew... when you order you can get $5 off. That’s right right, just use your VIP Code: PALAPAMAC at check-out. You can’t beat that. So, grab yourself a bag of the Sunrise, Sunset, or Coconut Bay roast or even two. If you want to try all three flavors, they have a wonderful sample pack that way you can “put your toe in” before jumping “all in”. Also, if you love the coffee as much as we do... let them know on social media. Tell them Palapa Mac Radio sent you!

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