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Palapa Mac Radio To Sponsor Award At People's Choice Awards!

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Palapa Mac Radio will sponsor the coveted Icon Award at the 2019 TropRockin' Magazine's People Choice Award in October during the famed Jimmy Buffett's fans (Parrotheads) annual gathering called, The Meeting of the Minds (MOTM) in Key West, FL.

Trop Rockin' Magazine

The Trop Rockin’ Magazine People’s Choice Awards gives it's readers an exciting opportunity to vote for their favorite Trop Rock Music, Songs, Radio and Community Awards. The voting is open to all of the subscribers thus giving the "people" a chance to have their voice be heard in the Trop Rock industry. Subscribing to Trop Rockin’ Magazine is FREE and they keep you up to date on the latest Trop Rock Music News and Events along with fun lifestyle articles like Tropical Travel and Boat Drink Recipes. Check out the site www.troprockin.com/peoples-choice-awards/ to learn more about all the catagories.

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