The Trop Ten for January 2020

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

The requests have been counted, the numbers tallied, and social media weighed. So proudly, we announce the top ten songs for January 2020. The #1 song is Jeff Dayton's "Calling the Ocean." DJ, Palapa Mac, had the opportunity this past October to meet Jeff in Key West, FL. during the famous Parrothead's (Jimmy Buffett's fans) yearly rendezvous known as Meeting of the Minds or what we affectionately call Trop Rock Week. The meeting wasn't planned between Jeff and Palapa Mac, but a simple introduction by a mutual friend led to excellent conversation. Shortly, Jeff Dayton took the stage, and Palapa Mac knew that this guy was something special. Palapa Mac stated, "When Jeff started playing, I was like... wow. This guy is awesome. He really took charge of the stage with his musicianship and vocals." By no means is Jeff Dayton, a rookie. His resume' includes touring with the late Glen Campbell as well as playing with Willie Nelson, Vince Gill, and Kenny Chesney. You can learn more and purchase his music at

Another song to note comes in at a strong #2 and very recently sat at the #1 position is Jason Caraway's, "Limin' ". It is the epitome of a laid back and ultimate chill song. It makes you want to head down to St. John and relax on a beach. In fact, because of this song, the Limin' brand was born! We are excited to see where this product line and song is going. We love the style and the song really sets a great island vibe. Check out to see for yourself.

Finally, when you hear a song for the first time, and it's from the depths of the soul from an artist, the kind that's in your face, you know it won't take long for it to reach the top 10. That is our #3 song from Boomer Blake with "Down by the Coastline," which is no stranger in the Trop Ten and has been sitting here basking in its greatness for several months. This song could be the revival anthem for beach-goers and continues to stay strong on DJ Palapa Mac's Trop Ten.

The rest of the Trop Ten:


THE ROAD- Mike Nash

5. THIS SUMMER- Noe Palma

6. SUMMER DAYS- Natalie Rose


A BEER- John Allan Miller

8. SUMMER GIRL- Aaron Scherz

9. ON A DAY LIKE THIS- Mike Nash

10.GOOD TIMES- Jesse Raub, Jr.

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