The Trop Ten of February 2020

Need a theme song that promotes "Stress free and the art of being laid-back"? That just happens to Jason Caraway's #1 hit song this month, "Limin' ". The song has actually set in motion a brand which celebrates the laid-back, carefree spirit of the Caribbean.  The expression originated in the Caribbean and still resonates there, but Limin’ is far more than a product or spot on the map. It’s a state of mind and a way of life which is a good reason the listeners love the song!

Making a commanding jump from January's #3 spot and landing in this month's #2 is Boomer Blake's, "Down by the Coastline". The first time we heard the song, we knew it would resonate with our listeners. Still after several months being on the Trop Ten, it shows no chance of waning any time soon. In a reaction to several social media posts that it was the listeners ultimate-favorite beach song , Boomer stated, "That is just about the coolest compliment ever. I'm floored". Well, Boomer don't be floored. Just keep bringing the great tunes.

Dropping down just a few notches was last month's #1 song, "Calling the Ocean" by Jeff Dayton. There is definitely no reason for Jeff to lose any heart or have any shame. In fact, he has a second song that has entered in the Trop Ten, "My Favorite Beach." That isn't too shabby in our books. We can tell you from experience, everyone of his songs on his latest release are top notch and would definitely be well worth the time and energy to grab a copy of the full album! Trust us on this one!

The rest of the Trop Ten:

4. THIS SUMMER- Noe Palma

5. SUMMER DAYS- Natalie Rose


7. GOOD TIMES- Jesse Raub, Jr.


9. WAITIN' ON SUNSHINE- The Band Steele


A BEER- John Allan Miller

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